Andis Artmanis

Phone +371 22415791
Languages LV, RU, EN
Guide experience I live in Riga my whole live and regard this to be most beautiful city in the world, although I have seen quite a lot of other cities.
I am a member of the Latvian Association of Professional Guides and I really enjoy guiding tours through our city and explaining its charms and hidden treasures to interested travellers from all over the world.
I offer different tours - Old City of Riga, Art-Noveau in Riga (Riga has the highest rate of Art-Noveau buildings in the world), Old Riga + historical center, Central Market (the biggest in Europe, located inside old Zeppelin hangars) as well as different combinations of the above.
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Guided tours

Title of excursionLanguagesType of excursion
Old City Of Riga - On Crossroads Of History LV, RU, EN   
Riga As Art-Nouveau Capital Of Europe.. LV, RU, EN   

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