Ilze Karlsone

Reg.Num. 24
Phone +371 29159589
Languages LV, RU, EN, DE
Guide experience Member of Association of Latvian Professional Guides ( LPGA)
Experience with larger and smaller tourist groups from different countries.
Motto: „Riga is like a pretty woman with her own history and stories.I am glad to show you her beauty and tell about her secrets! ”.
Proposed tours : Old Riga,Art Nouveau,Boulevard circle with parks,Central market, City Tour and other thematical tours in Riga, Jurmala and Sigulda. For small groups ( up to 4 people) it is possible to have a tour by car.


Guided tours

Title of excursionLanguagesType of excursion
Old town, its birds and animals LV, RU, EN, DE walking tour
Boulevard circle. Riga woman. LV, RU, EN, DE walking tour
Riga sigtseeing including Pardaugava LV, RU, EN, DE walking tour, bus tour
Riga - Metropolis of Art Nouveau LV, DE, RU, EN walking tour, bus tour

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